What is it about distractions? “You’ve got mail” or a bell indicating another e-mail is in the box is all it takes.

When the vibration of our cell-phone goes off during a meeting, do we have to look?

Have we ever taken our eyes off the road while trying to text or read a text?

Do we look at someone or something passing by when we are engaged in conversation?

Is it hard to listen during a television program?

What is it that stops us from the task we are focused on to look another way? Why are we so easily distracted?

Spiritual leadership suffers when we are distracted. We have the vision before us. We have communicated the vision to others. The goals have been established. The plans have been activated, and then… we are distracted. Did the problem cause the distraction, or did the distraction cause the problem?

Did we take our eyes off the goal, even for a moment?

We can avoid distractions when we determine our goal, devote our emotional energy to the plan, dedicate our time and talent to the work, and act diligently.

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