In My Opinion…

How many times have we heard someone say, “in my opinion?” Chances are we have even said it ourselves on more than one occasion.

Strangely, everyone has an opinion and, generally, about everything. All we have to do is ask and most people are willing to share it.

Pick a subject. There are plenty of opinions.

The scariest thought occurs when our opinions become an objective truth. No longer is it just an opinion, but rather the standard by which we hold others accountable.

Worse still is the idea that everyone’s opinion is justifiable as an eternal standard.

In my opinion, God will not be that picky.

In my opinion, God could not send anyone to an eternal punishment.

In my opinion, God’s grace will save everyone in the end.

In my opinion, we should starting focusing less on our opinions and more on the one standard by which we will all be held accountable. When we stand before God, opinions will be worth nothing. All that will matter is God’s word. As spiritual leaders, this is what we should be lifting up.

1 comment on “In My Opinion…

  1. paul says:

    Great thought’s today. It is a constant battle, to return to the standard.
    Thanks for making the effort to be with us at Levy yesterday.
    We praise the Lord for what you and your schools are doing, in the Lord.

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