Going My Way?

It is not uncommon for a leader to be directionally challenged. Basically, the idea involves not knowing where we are going.

In leadership, each of us follows someone and someone is following us. The very thought puts us in a unique position.

If you want me to follow, then…

1) You must know where you are going.

2) The destination must be a place I want to go also.

3) I need communication along the way.

4) I want to contribute a measure of value to the journey.

These are a few of the thoughts I have regarding following a leader. If you share these ideas, then we all need to be mindful of the individuals who are following.

Are we trying to lead them to a place they want to go or do not want to go? Have we communicated adequately the information needed to reach the destination? Do we allow followers to be involved in ways that contribute value to the journey?

From a spiritual perspective, these ideas and questions should cause greater consideration in our leadership.

2 comments on “Going My Way?

  1. ramseur says:

    Amen. These areas are often ignored. If just one of them is out of place then the follower’s heart is not in the journey. Tonight, I’m going to keep these thoughts in mind as I will potentially have a Bible study. Presenting the material or the course in such a way that the person will want to go is so vital. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Deraest br Bob,
    Oh i am smiling this morning with my family after our baby get much better , from malaria attack , pls i am also hapy with leadersship message this morning , we need to put them in our lives as we lead others to a great destination HEAVEN.
    God bless you.

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