Born or Made?

It is an age-old question. Are leaders born or made?

I appreciate the sentiment, “they are born because it is the only way they come into the world.”

It is hard to deny the facts presented on both sides. However, is it possible the answer to the question is both?

I am amazed at natural abilities. From the playground we see how children tend to lead quite naturally. Each team needs a captain. Someone has to choose the team.

I am also fascinated how people driven to improve their abilities, combined with effort, prove to become incredible leaders.

Leaders are not always the oldest in the family, wealthy, charismatic, or educated.

Remember the apostles.

From palace halls to the most humble of circumstances, leaders have come forth. On one hand, circumstances made the leader. On the other hand, leaders made the circumstances.

What we know is this…

Leadership is needed. We are all leading someone. The question is “where?”

You and I are in this world and we can make a difference. Let us make the most of the opportunities we are given to lead.

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  1. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Dearest brother Bob,
    Great to read from you , the post today is good , but i have alot in my mind concerning the subjest matter , well i will reserve that when we shall meet .Stay bless.

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