Foundational Knowledge…

Several key leadership principles are demonstrated in the life of the apostle Paul. Obviously, not all of them can be covered in a minute.

One of the principles is based in Paul’s use of the word “know/knowledge.” His letter to the church at Philippi is a powerful example.

Paul’s credentials, listed in chapter 3, are impressive at any level. However, he concludes by saying they are all worthless in comparison to knowing Christ. In fact, nothing held more value than knowing Christ.

The depth of Paul’s description is impressive. He wanted an experiential knowledge of Christ. So deep was Paul’s desire, he wanted to know “the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death,” (v. 10).

Considering the need for spiritual leaders in the 21st century, how significant to examine this foundational approach. Spiritual leaders can only fulfill what God has called them to do on the basis of knowing Christ. This is not knowing about Christ, but knowing Him. When leadership flows from a knowledge of Christ the role will be driven to lead as Christ.

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