Don’t Be Late…

We have all heard people say, or perhaps said ourselves, “don’t be late.”

Being late is intriguing. Some people are perpetually late. Oddly enough, those who are habitually late for various engagements are rarely, if ever, late for work. Why?

Frustration mounts when we are waiting on someone.

Thoughts run rampant as to the “excuses” we will hear as an explanation.

We have probably written the script in our minds as to what will be said and how we will respond.

The concept of being late is the result of a time oriented culture?

Event oriented cultures are never concerned with being late, because it does not exist.

Since this is a time oriented culture,  how should we deal with it?

Leadership! Obviously, we begin at the top. If we are teaching in a Bible class, our students should not be waiting on us to arrive. If we are organizing an event, volunteers should not be standing around wondering where to go and what to do.

If we understand the inappropriate nature of being late for work, why should it be accepted otherwise?

Leaders set and hold forth the example.

2 comments on “Don’t Be Late…

  1. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Dearest br Bob,
    Oh what a man you are ” You are saying what is happening here in Africa , most Africans will come late to a function and we ask why , they will say the original time is not the real time , and they call it AFRICAN TIME , 2 pm will become 4 pm.
    Thanks for all.

  2. Ken Burton says:

    I had not thought of “event-oriented” vs. “time-oriented” cultures. Thanks for the insight. That was a “light-bulb” moment!

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