Traditional Leadership…

Tradition is a word and a concept that stirs a variety of thoughts. Tradition can either be good or bad, right or wrong.

Families develop traditions around special occasions.

Education programs use traditions to establish a sense of order and direction for planning.

Religious ceremonies often become traditionalized for the sake of time or practice, or just out of habit.

Traditions should not be discarded simply because of a desire to be different, or to change.

At the same time, traditions should never become the standard because “that’s the way we have always done it,” or “we’ve done it that way for years.”

Spiritual leaders should exercise caution in determining their leadership. Traditional leadership based on the word of God will always be right and true. Traditional leaders will face challenges in holding up the Biblical pattern in times when the winds of change are blowing.

Decisions will be difficult unless a Biblical foundation is established.

Providing direction when it is foggy, at best, will require diligence.

Be prayerful, stand firm in faith, exercise wisdom, and always remember God’s will to work through you.

1 comment on “Traditional Leadership…

  1. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Dearest brother Bob,
    It is really true , how some people have made traditions more than the word of God in their lives , mostly in Africa where most traditions are bad , thanks be to God , for His word that we preached and this word is helping many people to look down on traditions and make the word of God the standard of their lives ,mostly those in Christ.

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