Pursuing Excellence…

Everyone wants the best. We want the best of technology. We want the best car. We want the best clothes and food. We want the best service. We want the best leadership. We want the BEST!

The problem is defining “the best.”

Basically, the definition is subjective. The best for one person may not be the best for another.

In addition, what is the foundation for the definition? Will the best be defined by work effort? Cost? Achievement? Time spent?

When considering leadership, one might think pursuing the best is the right direction. However, it depends on the definition and the foundation of the definition.

Instead, we should consider the need to pursue excellence. The pursuit of excellence provides a consistency to leadership, especially spiritual leadership.

Pursuing excellence acknowledges the present situation and need.
Pursuing excellence desires to learn and improve.
Pursuing excellence strives to constantly make proper application.
Pursuing excellence is Biblical.

We should give thought to the direction of our leadership. Pursuing excellence will make a difference in our life and in lives of others.

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