The holidays are special when shared with family. Nothing compares to being together.

Although families can be characterized as dysfunctional, we can learn from the family to help in spiritual leadership.

Families should be skilled in problem resolution. No family is free from problems, financial, personality, health, communication, rivalries, etc. How problems are resolved determines success.

Problem resolution in leadership must be a priority, because there will be problems.

Families must learn cooperation. Parents and children sharing one bathroom, rationing the food supply, and taking care of household chores, demands working together. Dysfunctionalism results when people are unwilling to work together.

The leadership connection is powerful. Creating an atmosphere where people get along and work side by side, cooperating for the common goal is rare.

Families need a common purpose. There are different personalities, opinions, objections, conflicts, etc. However, when families understand and strive for a common purpose, they are able to resolve problems and cooperate for the greater good of the family.

Leaders should be diligent in directing others to the common goal. We need to promote purpose and provide the leadership to reach it. Why? Because, spiritually, we are family.

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