A Great Day To Lead…

Everyday is a great day to lead. Let me share several reasons why this is true.

God needs spiritual leaders. I recently heard a statement of profound impact, “God is not about time. He is about purpose.” God is not bound by time. He created time. God is bound by His purpose, and the purpose He set forth involves leadership.

There are souls who do not know Jesus. You or I may be the very one given an opportunity to share His precious name with someone else.

The growth of the church requires spiritual leaders. Paul’s Ephesian letter expresses a design given to the church specifically unfolding the necessity of spiritual leaders.

Leading changes lives. When someone’s life is changed by our leadership it cannot help but to change our own.

Our influence alters eternity. If the four above were not enough, how our influence makes a difference eternally for everyone around us is a powerful thought.

I am sure thousands of reasons could be listed, but hopefully these will lay a foundation for the year ahead.

As we arise each morning, remember it is a great day to lead!

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  1. Rick Kelley says:

    Thank you, brother!

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