There Is A Difference…

Italian TV dinner, Fazoli’s, Macaroni Grill, Massimino’s Cucina Italiana, there is a difference.

Arapahoe Community College, _________________ State University, Harvard, Oxford, there is a difference.

Church on the Move, Church of Body Modification, Foothills Bible Church, Crossroads church of Denver, Church of Christ, __________, there is a difference.

Regardless of what we might think; when considering where we eat, receive our education, or worship, there is a difference.

The same is true in leadership. It can be seen politically, corporately, educationally, and spiritually. There is a difference.

As spiritual leaders, are we making the difference? Have we allowed the mindset of complacency to hinder our leadership? Are we victims of an apathetic world and indifferent about our leadership? Will the future be different because of our leadership?

Just as there is a difference in all of the areas above, there is a difference we can make if we choose to do so. Let us provide the leadership needed today for a better tomorrow and eternity.

1 comment on “There Is A Difference…

  1. Rick Kelley says:

    Amen! There is a difference…in writing about “stuff,” and writing with “substance!”

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