Think First…

Before we speak, write, or act, think first. Two words easier said than done.

We live in a reactionary world. We tend to react to our circumstances. Life is unfair and we react. Someone’s words or actions are inappropriate and we react. We do not like a situation and we react.

Leaders must learn how to act. If we stop reacting, maybe the fallout can be prevented.

Therefore, we must “think first.”

Before we send a word through electronic airwaves or write on a piece of paper, think first. How will others perceive it?

Before we speak about family, personal, or professional matters, think first. Once words are spoken, they cannot be taken back. We may wish we had not said them, apologize, or try to explain, but it’s to late.

Do I have the right attitude? Will my words offend? Is it possible they could be taken the wrong way? Think first.

Our actions are the same. Before acting on any given situation, think first. Others are watching. How will my actions be perceived? Will my intention be known based on what is seen?

Two powerful words needing application. Think first!

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