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A recent lesson on being unique stirred my thinking about leadership. A number of individuals in scripture stand out as unique. One of my favorites is Ehud. Ehud delivered Israel from the nation of Moab. He is specifically noted as the only left-handed judge. This uniqueness was key to his role in putting Eglon, king of Moab, to death.

Biologically, a study of the fingerprint shows how clearly unique each individual is as a part of God’s creation. The fingerprint is only one evidence, among many, of an all powerful, wise, and unique God.

The idea of being unique deserves consideration in leadership. What makes our leadership unique or is it unique? Is there a unique characteristic, ability, or approach?

The marketing world strives to present various products as unique. Such an approach demonstrates the desire on the part of people, in general, to possess something unique.

In spiritual leadership, we have something unique to offer, incomparable to anything offered by the world.  Spiritual leaders today must think souls. Extend an offer both unique and eternal. Read 1 Peter 1:4 and rethink this idea of unique leadership.

2 comments on “Unique Leadership…

  1. David Malley says:

    Always enjoy reading your posts Bob! You are quite unique yourself sir. 🙂 God bless and safe travels!

  2. Dale Jenkins says:

    you did well! Thanks…


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