Key Words…

The past few years for me have highlighted a greater study of key words in the Bible. A recent article emphasized “king” and “Lord” as key words from 1 Samuel.

Based on these two words, the thought of Samuel provides a key to understanding spiritual leadership.

Israel wanted a king. They failed to recognize in their request, they were rejecting the Lord as their king. A valuable lesson should be learned.

To lead as God desires, the Lord must reign as King.

Spiritual leaders submit to His authority in making decisions.
Spiritual leaders point others to the Lord as King.
Spiritual leaders seek God’s approval rather than approval of man.
Spiritual leaders willingly sacrifice for the good of others.
Spiritual leaders know the higher cause of leadership.

Men trusting in men will ultimately lead to destruction. The Lord’s supremacy is the basis for true spiritual leadership.

What key words would describe our spiritual leadership? Are we seeking our own lordship or does the Lord have His proper place?

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