Leadership Will Not Wait…

Do we know what should be done?
Why are we waiting?

Do we have the ability and resources to make it happen?
Why are we waiting?

Souls are waiting. The church is waiting. Our God is waiting.

We know what should be done. God has given us the ability and resources to make it happen.
Why are we waiting?

With so much at stake, are we willing to wait?

When we stand before God will our procrastination be worth it, knowing we waited…too long?

Application is generally made to the individual who delays obeying the gospel. The same applies to leading.

We need to challenge our excuses. We cannot wait any longer. Paul’s words to the church at Corinth should be remembered. Act like men. Leadership will not wait!

1 comment on “Leadership Will Not Wait…

  1. David Malley says:

    Good article Bob. I was actually just thinking about this the other day. We too often harp on people delaying in obeying the gospel but so often forget about about we who delay in delivering the gospel. Hope you are having a productive trip 🙂

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