Unique Leadership… Elegance and Precision

One of the most graceful sports of the Winter Olympics is figure skating. I have grown to appreciate the elegance and precision demonstrated by each skater.

The idea of elegance and precision are unique in several ways.

Elegance involves a manner characterized by grace and style.
Precision describes the approach, exact and accurate in nature.

Combining these two areas not only lays a foundation for an Olympic figure skater, they also make a leader unique.

Jesus epitomized both elegance and precision. His ministry from beginning to end was characterized by grace. The timing behind every word and lesson taught was exact and accurate. He was / is the Master. Every demonstration of power was taken on His Father’s time schedule. He took no step apart from the will of His Father.

Leaders today must constantly work to perfect spiritual leadership. We need to think, plan and execute with elegance and precision every aspect of leading others to and for Christ. Every word spoken should be as the utterances of God. Every step taken should be an action based on the counsel of God’s will. Doing so ensures unique leadership.

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