Standing Out…

If we want to stand out in a crowd we just need to be ourselves.

Following the crowd, the latest fad or trend, or jumping on the bandwagon, are familiar phrases. In fact, the idea has probably been around longer than anyone reading this post.

Is this what our leadership is all about? Are we simply trying to fit in or blend in with what appears to be the latest and greatest?

Spiritual leadership should be unique. We are to lift up the Light of the world. Therefore, we should stand out in a world of darkness.

Why is it so important to stand out when it seems easier to follow the crowd?

Following the majority can have severe and eternal consequences. Jesus teaches this principle in the Sermon on the Mount. Remember, “whatever is popular may not always be what is right, and what is right may not always be what is popular.”

Our path is a matter of choice. The choice we make influences others. If it helps others get to heaven standing out in / from the crowd is worth it.

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