How Long?

How long will it be until the Lord returns? This is the $64 million dollar religious question.

If the answer were known, what would happen?

Some would delve into or continue in sin right up until the last minute, try to make amends, repent and then expect to be rewarded by God.

It is possible some would use the knowledge to create fear for personal gain. We have seen this among those who predict the return of Christ.

There are those who would make the necessary preparation for His return and others who would remain diligent in the Lord’s work until He returns.

The question is not about when the Lord will return. The question waiting to be answered is, how long will it be until we decide to lead?

God demands spiritual leadership.
The church is hungering and thirsting for spiritual leadership.
The world is filled with people dying for a lack of spiritual leadership.
Preparation for the Lord’s return demands spiritual leadership.

How much longer will we wait?

2 comments on “How Long?

  1. ramseur says:

    Excellent… poignant… I know I’m new to the life in Christ, but I’m sad to say most of the leadership displayed is pointed towards making sure we’re all “good” before we’re dead. What about leading people to being “complete” for Christ’s return? The time is now. If we truly believe Christ is coming back spiritual leadership will not wait. Thanks for the boost Bob… needed that.

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