Make It Happen…

A number of key words occur throughout the Bible. These words help define a theme and purpose for every book.

There are some words used consistently throughout the entire New Testament translated in different ways. One such word is the focus of today’s post. It is generally translated as “do,” “act,” “produce,” and a number of other words. However, this particular word stands out because the original meaning is powerful – make it happen.

For example, Jesus taught; “everyone who hears these words of mine and does (acts upon) them, is like a man who built his house upon the rock.” The idea is to take the words of Christ and make them happen.

In spiritual leadership we need to make it happen.

A common element among all leaders is they make things happen. It could be both good and bad, but the bottom line is leaders make things happen. As spiritual leaders we need to take the words of Christ and make them happen.

What perspective do we have on what we are accomplishing? When the Lord examines our leadership, will it be characterized by what we made happen?

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