Unique Leadership… The Little Things

My wife and I recently made reservations and stayed at a local hotel in Jackson, TN. We wanted an inexpensive, but comfortable, place to sleep.

When we arrived, we were not impressed with the appearance. We had to wait to check in. When we finally checked into the room, again, we were not overly impressed.

However, the next morning, as we walked in for breakfast, the clerk from the night before greeted us, “good morning Mr. and Mrs. Turner, how was your night’s rest?” I was impressed.

It was just a little thing, but remembering our names and greeting us made the difference.

Remembering someone’s name and greeting them is important.

“I’m not good with names” is a common excuse. However, we remember what is important to us.

If we want to make a difference, someone’s name is important. Is your name important to you? Remembering something as simple as a name is powerful.

Carry a pad and write down their name.
Repeat their name in the conversation.
Afterwards, make a note to associate with their name.

Remember, little things make a big difference.

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