Hit Me With Your Best Shot…

…is an often used phrase and the title of a hit song from the late 70’s. The song expresses confidence to defeat whoever or whatever is faced.

I am not suggesting we ask God to allow Satan to throw his best shot. I remember Job. God knew Job’s limitations and, short of death, allowed Satan his best shot. Job lost his possessions, children, and health.

My interest here is the confidence to endure whatever Satan brings. Spiritual leaders are going to face challenges. Rest assured, Satan will throw everything God allows in an attempt to stop our work.

How can we develop the confidence to withstand Satan? The answer is based in Ephesians 6:10-18. We need the Lord’s strength and His armor. Herein lies the power to defeat Satan’s best shot.

Every piece of armor is vital for equipping spiritual leaders with confidence.

God knows our limitations.
We must not leave off any piece of armor.
We cannot fight unprotected.
We must prepare before, not during, battle.
The war will be fierce.

We must hit Satan with our best shot. The Lord will be victorious. We will win!

1 comment on “Hit Me With Your Best Shot…

  1. David Malley says:

    Agreed Bob! And with all of us working together, we can deal Satan a heavy blow with our best shot. Good having you back brother!

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