Unique Leadership…Patience

Children can be challenging. Raising them properly requires patience. It can often be hard to understand young children trying to communicate.

Our grandchildren talk, but I generally need an interpreter, because I have no idea what they are saying. At times, I just nod or say, “is that right?” But I would not trade a minute for every word. At times I wonder if they understand all I try to say to them.

I know their parents are leading them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. I want my life to be an example as well. In order to do so, it will take patience. It could be these precious children need to be patient with their parents and grandparents. But we all know it is parents and grandparents who must be patient.

Leading is not easy, especially in areas of communication. We must be patient. Spiritual leadership requires patience.

We should know misunderstandings exist.
We should look to ourselves first when there is a problem.
We should remember most issues are resolved with better communication.
And we must realize it takes time. Be patient.

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