What On Earth Is Happening?

Wisconsin politicians and unions, government shutdown, protests in Egypt, Libya, and potentially Saudi Arabia, NFL negotiations and talks of a lockout all raise numerous questions.

Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, upheaval of nations, and the idea of climate change (a.k.a. “global warming”) all leave people wondering if we are living in the end times.

What on earth is happening?

Short of causing a minor coup with my own personal opinions, we have responsibilities as spiritual leaders.

Our responsibility can be summed up with two words. Think souls! We may never have the answers to the political, social, financial and religious turmoil facing the world today. However, we can fill a need born in the past, faced in present, and continuing into the future. Think souls!

Regardless of the nation: Regardless of the political leadership: Regardless of gender: We all have a soul and there should be a sense of urgency. Our family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers all struggle in life and have the same need. So, regardless of what on earth happens, think souls.

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