Reading Between The Lines…

Communication can be challenging. Primarily, the difficulty involves understanding. We tend to think, if we speak the same language, others understand what we are trying to say. Communicating is even more difficult if we believe others can or should read our minds. Let’s call it, reading between the lines.

Words are powerful. However, the true effectiveness of words involves understanding.

We know exactly what we mean with every word.
We understand the intent behind every word.

However, others do not know and understand, unless we communicate more effectively. Every leader must constantly work to improve communication.

The ability to communicate our vision and goals, or resolve conflict is necessary to the success of leadership.

A few basic communication tips may help.

1) Learn to listen. Never try to read between the lines or be thinking of what to say next.
2) Repeat back what was heard. This allows the individual speaking to know if they were understood correctly.
3) Ask questions. Asking questions helps clarify areas we may not have heard correctly.
4) Think before responding. Take a moment to consider a proper response to make certain we are understood.

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