In The Shadow Of Leadership…

History and archaeology provide untold stories about life from the past. In a recent article, a young author spoke of shadows left behind after the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. The shadow of an individual and a few objects reflect a legacy of U.S. and Japanese tragic leadership. As I considered the final statement, “leave a legacy,” I was reminded of our role as leaders.

What will remain in the shadow of our leadership 20, 30, 40 or 50 years from now? Is our leadership legacy intentional? Will our leadership be a shield to protect and provide for others? What legacy will we leave?

A legacy of money will eventually be spent.
A legacy of possessions will quickly fade.
A legacy of service will soon be forgotten.
A legacy of security will be destroyed.

Only a spiritual legacy influences this present life and life to come.

How many lives will stand before the throne of God in the shadow of our leadership?

How many will be thankful for an eternal home because of our legacy?

When we have passed from this life, the shadow of our leadership should leave a legacy of eternal glory.

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  1. Sandy Wallace says:

    The shadow of leadership – excellent.

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