Unique Leadership… Compassionate

What one word would sum up our leadership? One word from the Gospel accounts most characteristic of the life and leadership of Jesus is compassion.

His ministry, His relationship with people, His teaching and miracles were all built on a foundation of compassion.

Compassion is best described as a feeling of sympathy aroused by the distress of others with a desire to get involved and help. It is easy to see how Jesus would be described this way.

Our leadership should be characterized by compassion.

The tougher an environment becomes, the more a leaders’ need for compassion increases. During the challenges of life, the awareness of leadership to the needs of others becomes evident.

Leadership senses must be engaged.
We must be observant to our surroundings.
Our hearts must be touched with the situation of others.
The hands of a compassionate leader must act to help.

Compassion is one of the unique qualities spiritual leaders must possess to be like the great leader we have in Christ.

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