Our culture revolves around a schedule. The clock dictates the time given every event. Rush hour traffic can be frustrating.

We cannot comprehend eternity because we only know time. The thought of existence without time is beyond our finite minds.

Time was created and measured by evening and morning, the first day. Then we have the first week and God rested on the seventh day. Weeks became months and months became years.

Solomon said there is a time for everything.

Jesus kept a time schedule. From birth to death, Jesus was on God’s time. Paul wrote “in the fullness of time God sent forth His Son.” Approaching the final days of His life, Jesus prayed, “Father, the hour has come.”

Paul instructs Christians to use their time wisely because the days are evil.

In this crazy, busy, scheduled life we live as leaders, how are we using our time?

The most valuable commodity we have is time. The greatest gift we can give is our time. Leading people requires time. We all have the same amount. How we use it determines the difference we make in leadership.


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  1. Rick says:

    Thanks for taking “time” to post. Encouraging as always!

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