What Are We Missing?

Recently, I sat next to a friend as he described talking to his daughter on the phone. He described how it just melted his heart to listen to her voice as she said, “I miss you daddy.”

My wife has and continues to be dedicated to our family. She does not want to miss a moment in the lives of our children and grandchildren. She understands the value of each moment from the first word, first step, first day of school, first soccer goal, first date, and the birth of their first child (and the second or third).

Circumstances cannot always be controlled. There are times when we are separated from loved ones and we cannot help but think, what are we missing? Leaders should consider…

Are we missing an opportunity to help lighten someone’s load?
Are we missing an open door to greater success?
Are we missing a chance to study God’s word with a soul seeking truth?
Are we missing a once in a lifetime chance to share just a moment, a first?

Leadership is a God given task. We must make sure we do not miss anything.


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