Quarterly Report…

As hard as it is to believe, today is the final day of the first quarter of 2011.

How are you doing with those New Year’s resolutions? What? Have you forgotten them? Maybe you never made any resolutions.

Regardless, the first quarter of the year is complete and we are beginning the second.

Most organizations require a quarterly report. This report is an evaluation of our work. Corporate leaders want to know the facts and figures contributing to the success or failure of plans to reach projected goals.

Should it be any different for spiritual leadership?

How often do we examine the success or failure of plans to reach our goal(s)?

We need to make a quarterly report today. We need to know where we are in connection to the destination we set out to reach.

Evaluations are usually difficult. We must examine what we do not want to face and take an honest look at reality. They are necessary. Our integrity will be demonstrated and challenged.

However, in the end, a quarterly report will help us prepare for the next step in our growth and development.

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  1. David Malley says:

    Good thoughts Bob. Never really thought of evaluating my spiritual life in this way before. Hope all is going well in Guatemala.

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