Unique Leadership… Hope

The world has a strange concept of hope. There is an element of doubt when the world speaks of hope. “I hope it rains today.” “I hope I pass my final exam.” “I hope our team wins the National Title.”

Sadly, this idea carries over into the church. How many think, “I hope I get to heaven?” Worldly hope lacks certainty. It would seem almost like a wish, perhaps a strong desire, but with little chance of fulfillment.

Biblical hope involves much more. For Christians, hope speaks of a desire that includes expectation. When considering the promises of God, Christians know there is fulfillment. We can count on it.

Spiritual leadership is about hope. Our leadership must not be characterized as a strong desire with little chance of fulfillment. We must help establish an expectation.

Listening leaders provide hope.
Confident leaders provide hope.
Learning leaders provide hope.
Conscientious leaders provide hope.

The very idea of “spiritual” leadership should exemplify the hope Christ came to provide all who will follow.

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