Being devoted brings to mind the commitment of a marriage vow, the thought of a relationship.

This word runs deep in its application to relationships.

The Greek word translated “devoted, continually devoted, etc.” is found ten times throughout the New Testament. The primary use is found in the book of Acts. What this word means, and where it is used, is significant to our leadership.

To be devoted is to “insist on staying close to someone or something.” Think about the association with the activity of the early church insisting on staying close to God and each other. These Christians did so through a dedication to the Word, time with each other and with God, and in worship of, God.

Spiritual leadership must consider several questions.

1) Are we devoted to those who are following?
2) On what basis do we determine and develop our devotion?
3) Are we leaders because we are devoted or devoted because we are leaders?

When leadership is built on our devotion to the Lord and His people, our decisions and actions will seek to do what is right.

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