Timeshare Leaders…

Perhaps you have seen the ads: “For only $99, you can spend an entire week in a beautiful resort condo.” There is a catch. You must be willing to sit through a one hour presentation that somehow becomes three.

Many have been lured into the trap only to buy what they do not need with money they do not have, in hopes of what never seems to materialize.

“Timeshare” property involves purchasing an amount of designated time at a vacation area. One does not actually “own” the property, but time. The property is shared with other families.

From a leadership perspective, we need to guard our time. While the amount of time in each day is the same, we need to be careful.

Leaders have many demands on their time. It is not uncommon for leaders to share so much of their time with others, they lose sight of the time needed with family.

Some sage wisdom was shared with me years ago: “you can save the whole world, but if you lose your family, it will not be worth it.”

Do not fall into the timeshare trap as a leader.

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  1. Rick says:

    Great job – keep it up, brother!

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