Spring offers wonderful thoughts connected to leadership. Three specific words are connected.

Change: Change can be good or bad. Change is necessary to reach our goals. Change is Biblical. Both in becoming a Christian and in our walk as a Christian, a necessary element is repentance (change). As the harshness of winter subsides, the change brought with the coming of spring is beautiful and necessary.

Instability: Instability generally results from the changes winter ushers in with spring. The recent devastation brought on by tornadoes throughout the south demonstrates this fact. Transitions introduced by spiritual leaders bring change, and it is not uncommon to see instability. Change does not come quickly, easily or without resistance.

Life: However, the most beautiful part of spring is seeing all of nature regain life through this change. After a dormant winter, spring rains and sunshine bring life. It is powerful to see the change, even through the instability often produced.

Our leadership should provide stability to give assurance through the changes producing spiritual life.

More could be said, however, spring should introduce a wonderful approach to our leadership.

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  1. Rick says:

    You captured the season well!

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