All In…

I am not sure the origin of this phrase. However, it is generally connected to gambling, when a gambler pushes all of their available assets in for the bet.

The approach runs great risk and is usually an effort to 1) bluff for survival, 2) cash out and go home, or 3) win big because of the confidence to win.

Spiritual leaders are not bluffing to survive. We are not trying to cash out and go home. We need to have the confidence to win, and win big.

This is the power of our relationship with God, as the writer of Hebrews teaches.

We know the anchor is secured through Christ.

The plan for success is outlined through the working of the Holy Spirit.

Our support system surrounds us past, present, and future.

We win! Consider then, what would we do if we knew we could not fail.

Leadership is not a part-time, halftime, when I’ve got time, or it’s a convenient time responsibility. The role of spiritual leadership challenges us to step up to a greater level. We must be “all in.”

2 comments on “All In…

  1. ramseur says:

    I talked to you yesterday about “over extending” myself. This is a thought to consider as I organize my plate. Am I “All In”to my work for the Lord or am I doing so much nothing gets done? I think your thought works in both extremes. Thanks for this Bob

  2. David Malley says:

    Great article Bob. After reading this, I’M ALL IN!!! :-). Keep it up brother.

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