Friendship is for a lifetime. Few people can be identified as true friends. We have acquaintances. We have co-workers. We may even have those who are associates. But, the idea of true friendship goes far beyond.

We have all heard quotes about friendship and we have people in our lives we consider friends.

How does friendship impact our leadership? Are there areas of friendship we can provide to help improve our leadership?

Friendship judges by investigating to know the heart and intent behind the action.

Friendship allows for mistakes and creates an atmosphere of expression with a mindset of helping overcome the challenges.

Friendship seeks to know and pursue truth in all things, even if it means risking feelings.

Friendship understands the ultimate goal is do what is right before God.

Spiritual leaders face many challenges. Leading and friendship will often create challenges in and of itself. However, if our focus is spiritual, then the friendships we establish will be built on principles of godliness.

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  1. Rick says:

    Great encouragement today!

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