On a recent flight between Minneapolis and Chicago I experienced the worst turbulence I have seen in my time of flying. Reactions were plentiful as the pilot ordered flight attendants to return to their own seats (first time I have ever heard this).

As I thought about the experience, it was interesting to hear one gentleman calling on the name of Jesus over and over again. Whether in prayer, chanting, or meditation, he somehow felt a benefit existed in calling out to Jesus.

In a manner of speaking, all of us will face turbulent times among the lives of those we lead and influence. There will be rough times in life where people will face terminal health problems, financial struggles, death of loved ones, life altering decisions, and additional areas challenging the core of life.

The impact of turbulence in life ultimately begins to challenge our spiritual focus and faith in God. Leaders need to provide a confident assurance others can look and call out to when the journey is rough.

Our task is learning how to listen and responding appropriately.

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