The Latest, Greatest Thing…

It does not take long for marketing agencies to pick up on the latest and greatest gadget, device, toy, etc. I am constantly amazed at the infomercials for what appears to be the strangest products.

I am amused how the price remains the same, or at least some multiple of it. If not $19.95, then it can be purchased for three easy payments of $19.95.

Yet, there is more. If we buy in the next 15 minutes, they will throw in a second one free. All we have to do is pay the extra shipping and handling. Really?

So, what does this have to do with leadership? Good question.

Spiritual leadership is not about the latest, greatest thing. Leadership is not developed in searching for the latest technique, new idea, or greatest psychological approach. There is no easy, get rich quick scheme, approach to leadership.

God’s word provides an understanding of the field of work, purpose and motivation, the guidelines to follow, and the urgency.

It takes work. Let us all realize the great task before us and lead.

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