Making The Application…

I harp on the idea of making application. It would seem our society and culture have become masterful at telling others what to do. However, we often fall short of telling others how to do it.

It may be we do not know how.
It is possible we do not want to put in the work to know how.
It is conceivable we do not want others to think we are a “know-it-all.”

Regardless, if we are going to lead others, we need to help others see how to do the task we are asking them to do.

We have to put in the work to learn the best ways to accomplish the task.

We need to have a better working knowledge of people and how they are going to work best.

We must learn how to express the application in ways to encourage and excite others to get involved.

Is it easy? No! Will it make a difference in our leadership? Absolutely!

Leading others hinges on making the right application. Good leadership is not simply telling others what to do, but helping them learn how to do it.

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