Mind Reading…

Have you ever played a form of the guessing game? “If you know what I am thinking right now, without guessing, I want you to tell me.” Well, we can’t, so we have to guess.

How many times in relationships do we expect the other person to read our minds? I have heard of spouses arguing over what the other person should have known regarding what they were thinking.


We often take for granted one another in relationships. We begin to assume the other person will naturally know what we are thinking, as if they are mind readers. Leaders can make this mistake if not careful.

Keep in mind, others do not know what we are thinking, unless we tell them.

Do not expect others to respond unless we tell them they need to respond.

Disappointment can be avoided if we will adequately communicate the vision in our minds.

People find contentment in following leaders who keep the exact direction before them.

It will do us well to stop playing games. No one can read our minds. Communicate the direction and others will follow.

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  1. Rick says:

    Expectations, good; communicated expectations, better! Thanks for a great post!

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