We want patience, and we want it now! It is not uncommon for someone to pray for patience and wonder why they have so many challenges. Hmmm

Recently, I spent several days with Steven Ashcraft; missionary, evangelist, coordinator, and much more for the work in Ghana, West Africa. I observed a great deal about the patience of a man working to help the church mature.

The task is far from easy. Seeing it first hand was impressive. Steven works gently to guide, ask the appropriate questions, and allow the time necessary for the present leadership to find the answers.

The demonstration of his patient nature is a powerful lesson for all spiritual leaders.

In the American culture it is easy to expect growth and maturity to occur like ordering a meal at the drive through. We place our order on one side and expect to have it waiting for us when we reach the other side. No patience required. Sarcasm intended.

Church growth requires leaders to be patient. In time, the demonstration of such patience and gentle guidance will yield fruit to the glory of our God.

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