The Future Of Leadership…

No one knows the future. We cannot accurately predict the decisions of others. History provides a platform to learn about possibilities, if we follow the same pattern.

The future of leadership hinges on several factors.

Learn from history. For leaders to lead as God intended we need to be better students of His word and make the right application.

Be students of the present. There is much we can learn from the world around us. We need to observe people. We need to learn from current leaders and followers.

Desire to serve others. Leadership must be more concerned with serving than being served. The example was left by Jesus and the future will only be different if we follow His example.

Glorify God. Leadership should be motivated and driven with this purpose. Every thought, word, and action must be measured by glorifying Him.

Develop a plan. Developing a plan is vital for the right direction. These steps are only part of the foundation needed for the future of leadership.

We cannot foretell the future, but we can follow a few steps to secure the future of spiritual leadership.

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