Charisma is a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

Leaders must have a charismatic quality to their leadership. How does someone determine if they have charisma? How can charisma be developed?

Charisma is not the quality of self-centered leadership. Think about our conversations with others. How much of the conversation is focused on us, what we do, our family, our interests, etc.?

When leaders have charisma they add value to the lives of others. They give others hope. At times, spiritual leaders feel the need to constantly focus on areas surrounding what the Bible says about sin. It is true, we need to know what the Bible says about sin, but the Bible is a book about hope. Jesus is our hope. His coming was to remove the consequences of sin and He gave His life to provide us hope.

Inspiring devotion in others will be built on the ability of leaders to provide hope.

The charisma of spiritual leaders is directly related to this ability. Pride, insecurity, and cynicism destroy the ability to lead others to this hope.

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  1. Angela Howard says:

    Thank You for this thought Bob. It’s one of my greatest weaknesses (As if you don’t already know)

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