Denial is often seen as declaring something as being untrue. People live in denial concerning a number of areas.

Struggling with addictions often leads to denial.
The loss of a loved can create a state of denial.
Various trials faced in life cause us to live in denial of reality.

However, the challenge of leadership involves a proper perspective of this idea of denial. Leaders must not wear the proverbial blinders in denial of the present situation or circumstances. We must have an awareness of reality.

Problems are going to exist. Trying to convince ourselves they will not is living in denial.

Someone else is not going to solve the problems. Waiting until someone else comes along will only prolong the inevitable and can make matters worse.

Address problems when they first arise. When we do the problems can be resolved when they are smaller.

Denial can quickly lead to destruction. Leadership is too valuable to allow denial to rob us of reaching our goal.

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