The Beginning…

Is the beginning of a thing better than the end? There are good arguments supporting both ideas. There is a great deal of excitement in beginning something new. As well, the victory celebration is enjoyed at the end.

A leader sees the goal and communicates it to the group. A leader is instrumental in developing the plans to reach the goal.

The reputation of a successful leader is often measured by the victories achieved, or goals reached.

However, a leader has an important task when striving to reach any goal. What must be done to create buy-in? How can we create excitement in reaching the goal? Will others be willing to work the plan?

The answers to these questions all unfold in the beginning. Victories are enjoyed by those who have earned them. To earn them, there needs to be a great beginning.

We must believe it first.
We must paint the picture and set it before others.
We must examine every possible detail.
We must pursue the course with enthusiasm.

Is the beginning of a thing better than the end? It can be!

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