On Top Of The Mountain…

We are all striving to reach the location. In every facet of life there are peaks and valleys. There are good times and bad.

When we are on top of the mountain, life is good, everything seems to be going exactly as we want, and we are at our best.

The valleys bring a shadow of darkness developed from conflict, trials, tragedy, and controversy. We question our faith. We begin to doubt if there is any hope. We search for answers to questions and no answers are given. Our attitudes are altered and we struggle to make decisions.

Leaders experience both the valleys and the mountain tops. Learning to reach the top and striving to stay on top is the path each leader desires to walk.

We are not alone.
The wisdom gained by others is an invaluable gift.
Tomorrow presents new opportunities.
Strength comes from knowing, not emotions.
God is still on His throne.

Each day, try focusing on the positive, give the negative to God, work on what can be changed, find balance in family, and seek good counsel.

Somehow, it all seems to work out.

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