Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover…

I know this is a familiar phrase. We have all heard the application to the appearance of people.

Recently, I was doing some people watching. It is an interesting hobby when waiting for other obligations.

A gentleman about 30 years of age was loading some luggage and I noticed how both arms were entirely covered with tattoos. In addition, he had large earrings and a buzz cut hairstyle.

As my eye was drawn to his appearance I could not help but think; “what on earth was he thinking?” I immediately began saying to myself “one day he will regret having made those decisions.”

Will he regret it? Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, I was reminded of the title above. This man may have been a criminal. He could also have been a Christian. I will never know because I judged the cover before I read the book.

When we judge someone before we get to know them, we make decisions that hinder us in reaching out to encourage a brother or teach the gospel to the lost.

Please learn from my mistake and “never judge a book by it’s cover.”

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