Starting Lineup…

Preseason football seems to usher in a new sports filled season. For me, basketball was the only sport I focused on in high school. Recently, through Facebook, several high school friends and acquaintances started posting memories of years gone by.

I remember many areas about growing up in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, but one I treasure most is the time on the court.

Practices were filled with the efforts of those who wanted a starting position on the team. It carried an element of leadership based in teamwork. These memories helped lay a foundation for understanding spiritual leadership.

Christ makes us a part of the “starting lineup,” if you will. We must remember the position we have been given is one of leadership based in teamwork.

Leadership is often viewed as being alone. However, nothing could be further from the truth in spiritual leadership.

We are a team. We need to work together as a team if we are going to change the world. No one can make it on their own. We need Christ. We need each other! Would you like to join me on this leadership team?

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