The Door Is Open…

Opportunity involves circumstances leading to possibility. Unless we can see the possibility, we will never take advantage of the opportunity.

How many opportunities were missed because we could not see the possibilities?

Do we fail to see the possibilities because we are wearing spiritual blinders?

God told Abraham to lift up his eyes and look in every direction. God was going to give him and his descendants all the land.

Jesus told the apostles to lift up their eyes and look. The apostles needed to see through the eyes of God at the precious souls of the Samaritans.

What do we see when we look at our coworkers?
What do we see when we look at our families?
What do we see when we look at the people walking the aisles at the grocery store?
What do we see when we look at our brothers and sisters sitting on the pew next to us during worship?

It is time for us to lift up our eyes and look. The door is open. What will we see when we look through it? What will we do?

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