Negotiating The Curve…

Problem resolution is one of the most challenging areas of leadership. Leaders will face problems.

A few years ago I heard the story of an Olympian luge driver discussing the danger of the curves. He said; ‘you cannot negotiate the curve while you are in it. You must negotiate the curve before you get there.”

This has great application especially in problem resolution. Is it possible to see problems before we reach them? Can we negotiate a resolution before we face the problem?

Yes, and here are a few suggestions to consider.

Anticipate problems. We strive to avoid problems at all cost, even if we have to deny it exists. This will not work.

Talk to problem solvers. There are great leaders who have dealt with problems on many levels. Spend time with them and learn from their insight.

Practice what is called the 101% principle. Find the one percent we agree on and give 100% to it. If we build on where we agree, problems are resolved more quickly.

This does not exhaust the possibilities, but it provides a foundation to negotiate the curve before we reach it.

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