A Day Of Good News…

An interesting account of four leprous men is found in the Old Testament. It so happens these four men find themselves in a desperate situation. Going into the city was certain death because the famine was so severe. Going out to the enemy could also bring death. However, at least the enemy had food and maybe they would be merciful.

When these men arrived at the camp of the enemy the camp was empty. As they were enjoying the spoils left behind, they realized their actions were wrong. It was a day of good news and they were keeping silent. Their own people were dying from hunger, and they were eating a buffet. To remain silent would surely bring punishment.

From a spiritual perspective we are indulging on a spiritual feast. The world around us is dying for lack of knowledge. Can we remain silent?

If we remain silent, should we not be punished?

We are leaders. We must lead others to Christ and allow them the opportunity to eat from the tree of life and drink from the river of life. Think Souls!

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  1. Rick Kelley says:

    Oh, what needed words!

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